Colored Cable Tie

Using Colored and Fluorescent Cable Ties for Cable Management

While you will often work on cables of different colors, it can still be a headache to remember which cable is which if you ever need to return to a previous job for upkeep. To make the distinction easier, consider using colored or fluorescent cable ties. Colored cable ties can be used to efficiently secure wire bundles and to harness electrical components.

Using Colored and Fluorescent Cable Ties for Living Decoration
Following the rise of the D I Y decoration trend, the application of the cable ties is no longer just a monotonous black and white part. It has been widely used in the creation of installation art, Christmas light decoration, floral gardening, product color packaging. For this we provide to customers more color requirements

Standard Color: Natural, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Grey, Yellow, Brown and (Special color order)
Fluorescent Color: Blue, Green, Orange, Pink and Yellow.

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